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    Please visit the Curriculog Resources webpage for helpful guides, resources and training.

    C-2 Forms (Course Change)

    If you are submitting a
    course change form (C-2) consult the
    "How to Submit a C-2" guide
    before you begin.

    Find "how-to" guides for all types of proposal forms HERE

    For a complete Curriculog overview, see our Faculty User Guide.


    Please contact Academic Programs - Rebecca or Criselda - with any questions.

    *If you need help with a form, please email us at

    Accessing the System

    If you are a member of the process and need credentials to log in, please contact a system administrator at

    Welcome to Curriculog 

    CSUSM’s online curriculum management system.

    Curriculog provides a dedicated platform that streamlines and automates the curricular and programmatic actions at CSUSM. Programs and courses may be developed or revised, and then routed electronically for review and approval by department, college, and university committees.

    Curriculog automates, but does not change, any existing process. It provides transparency throughout the approval process, and allows faculty and other stakeholders to track the progress of the proposals, and sends reminders to reviewers and approvers that action is needed.

    Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

    • = has not made a decision
    • = approved
    • = rejected
    • = held
    • = suspended
    • = cancelled
    • = multiple decisions
    • = task
    • = mine
    • = stuck
    • = urgent, out of date import source









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